Goblin Army
Npc 111  NPC 26  NPC 28  NPC 27  NPC 29  NPC 471
Środowisko Surface, Underground
HP Goblin Archer: 80 Heart
Goblin Peon: 60 Heart
Goblin Sorcerer: 40 Heart
Goblin Thief: 80 Heart
Goblin Warrior: 110 Heart
Goblin Summoner: 2000 Serce
Atak Goblin Archer: 20
Goblin Peon: 12
Goblin Sorcerer: 20
Goblin Thief: 20
Goblin Warrior: 25
Goblin Summoner: 80


2 GoldCoin Small 70 SilverCoin Small 
Przedmiot Szansa
1-5 Spiky Ball każdy goblin 49.75%
Harpoon każdy goblin 0.5%
Shadowflame Hex Doll Goblin Summoner 33.3%
Shadowflame Knife Goblin Summoner 33.3%
Shadowflame Bow Goblin Summoner 33.3%

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